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My goal is to build successful riders, owners, competitors, and future professionals

Every member enjoys private riding, group learning, and fun for everyone!

Horse Training
Kids Riding Horses
Pony Love


30 minutes Every Week

Every week the student will practice riding in a private 30 min riding session with Hannah.  The student will learn to communicate with the horse through proper equitation and understanding of horse behavior. Upon arrival at lesson time, you will learn to mount correctly and ride for the full 30 minutes.  Every student is different therefore every lesson is different, Hannah will adapt the lesson in response to the needs of the student on any particular day.

1-2 hours every week

In the weekly horsemanship classes students will learn the finer details of horse care.   During these sessions students will spend hands-on time with the horses gaining all the knowledge needed to care for a horse of their own and to support our dear lesson horses.  It is also when the student will learn the answers to all the trivia questions for our quarterly horse games!

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