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What To Wear

Like most sports horse riding has its required attire.  Some items are optional while others are required for safety.   All of them will contribute to the riders ease and comfort while on their horse and safety on the ground.

Riders are welcome to borrow one from the school for their first 2 months with the school and then are required to purchase their own.  All helmets must be ASTM SEI certified.  Bike helmets are NOT permitted!

These are specific riding gloves.  The should be tight on your hands so as to not interfere with use of the fingers.

Short boots that come just above the ankle with either laces or zippers and should have a small heel. They are not the same as cowboy boots

what to wear.jpg


Shirts should be appropriate for the weather.  Shirts should be long enough to be tucked into your pants and not so loose so they could get caught on anything.

Pants similar to leggings with a waistband and belt loops.  Jeans are suitable and should have a plain pocket.  

Half Chaps *Optional*

Leather that zips around your lower leg to protect from pinching or chafing. 

Each item above is linked to for examples but it is not the only place they can be purchased.  Below are a couple different places to purchase both online and locally. There is a range of cost to each of these items.   

Online Stores

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