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Indoor Riding Arena

Weekly Horsemanship 

In order to enjoy horses riders have a responsibility to keep them healthy and safe.  Anyone who has spent time with horses knows how much time, effort, and dedication is required to properly care for our equine friends.  Weekly Horsemanship meetings are the time where we focus on caring for the horses.  We will do so through fun and games that result in learning the information and practicing the skills needed to accomplish our goals of giving these horses the lives they deserve. 

We will cover 10 different subjects so every week we be different, then we will return to the beginning.   Like most learning, one can always get more detailed in their learning so whether it is a students first or fifth session.  As the students advance we will get more detailed or have the chance to practice skills that simply require repetition to master.

Horses are a never ending world of learning and discovery and I am so excited to share my knowledge and passion of these beautiful creatures.  Below is a brief over view of he subjecs we will cover in horsemanship.

Horse and Human Body Parts

To communicate the needs of the horses both on the ground and in the saddle it is important for riders to be familiar with the body parts of both themselves and the horses.

Horse Identification

They come in so many shapes and sizes and we will cover as many as we can. Breeds, coat colors, markings, age, confirmation and so much more.

Arena Directions and Patterns

There are many ways to get from point to point in the arena and it is a language of its own.  Learning the words on the ground will make it easier to use in action when they are riding.

Non Riding Exercise

Lunging, Ground Work, Calisthenics, and Showmanship are all subsets of a complete equine fitness program.  Much like people benefit from a balance in strength training, cardio, and stretching.   

First Aid & Leg Protection

Horses are the perfect balance of strength and weakness.   Students will learn what they can do to prevent common issues and how to mend the less common occurrences.

Halters, Catching, Knot Tying

The very first thing most will want and need to do to interact with their horse is to have a way to guide it on the ground and secure it somewhere.  


The favorite of many, always fun, and so very important for horse health and well being. This is a big subject the deeper we get the longer it takes.

All the Tack

Tack is a big category.  It includes all the equiptment used to exercise the horses.  There are entire stores of this stuff and we will identify and learn the function of all of it.

Clipping, Mane Care, Braiding

Horse hair, horse hair, horse hair.  They have alot of it and it often needs to be managed.  One of those sets of skills that requires repetition to master. Practice makes perfect

Last But Not Least

Every session we will deep dive into the many different disciplines of equestrian sport.  Every sport does things a little differently and face different challenges.   We will have professionals from each sport showcase their discipline with one of their horses. 


And So Much More...

Never Ending Learning

  • Blanketing

  • Building pole exercises and jump courses

  • Barn Maintenance

  • Photo/ Video Analysis

  • Bathing

  • Nutrition

  • Health & Safety

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